Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am thankful for

My family, my friends, my dreams, my inspirations, my successes and my failures how else could you learn? I am also thankful for beginings and endings, I am thankful for chance and guidance, I am thankful for my life I'd never want to live anyone elses, I am thankful for those who have taken the time to offer suggestion and criticism, I am thankful for those offering positive reinforcement as well, I am thankful for the kindness of strangers and I am thankful for my ability to be a leader when asked.
I am also thankful for some other things as well like..... Good food, at home or out, beer, wine, limoncello, Rum and pineapple, flaming volcanos, nachos, the fizzy Bubblech!!! amaretto, Jim ,Tony and Ryan's homebrews, none are better..... I am thankful for my artistic talents as feeble as they are I use my tools I have to me best ability, I am thankful for being able to fix plumbing issues in our old house when they arise, I am thankful for smooty's unique companionship, also Kitty's affection, Lilly toolbox's love and ourring and Boo-boo's eccentricities.
I am thankful for lots of things I guess, more than I can list maybe.
have a good holiday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

WTF is with the Eagles, California, Humans, The Philly food banks, armored truck jacking and ghost hunting in cemeteries...

How can the Eagles be so out of sync with each other. I have been grumbling for years to get another quarterback, Kurt Warner is a much better QB than McNabb is, so why didn't we make a move on him? If Kurt Warner had the receivers that McNabb has I could only imagine how well the Eagles could be doing right now.... wow...
California, or "Gawleafawnya" as the Governator slowly turning into a desert seems inevitable doesn't it? Let it Burn, move away let the fires reshape the landscape, maybe you aren't supposed to live there y'know?...There are other beautiful places to live where you don;t have to hose down your Bently with a garden hose to keep it from going up in Flames.....
Human beings, us have one unifying gene in common. Yeah I know we all have other genes in common also but this one gene is there to bond us together to act as one courteously, selfless and with compassion. For some reason we only trigger this genetic switch when there is a tragedy or hightened level of unity as in an election or catastrophe..... some people utilize this genetic compelling alot of their waking hours others fight it acting aloof or in a poolar opposing way out of selfishness or greed. I challenge you, try being nice to a stranger or go out of your way to do something for someone then think about it, how did it make you fell, how did it aid them, tell me it's not better than going through life being an total idiot.
The Food Banks in Philly are at a critical state! How can people not give something to help? If the new James Bond movie can gross over $70 Million in a fucking weekend uh... you can buy a stranger a turkey or vegetables and donate it to the food bank l;ocal to you... My wife has our kids doing humanitarian acts quarterly, for instance, when Jen went for her Gold award in Girl Scouts she held a haunted house the entry fee was a canned good or packaged food item. She donated over 800 lbs of food for philabundance. We have done this several times over the past year. I'd like to organize a music night or some sort of gathering to gather food for philabundance. Y'know who ever is organizing cross races road races and mountain bike races should ask philabundance to show up at every race to collect canned and packaged goods, everyone could bring something to help someone else right? Maybe getting squeezed off of your line in a MTB race won't be such a thorn in your side if you know you helped a stranger in need. Please get this going.......
To the JERKOFFS WHO ROBBED THE ARMORED TRUCK IN PHILLY you should donate all of that money to an organization to help people, instead of buying drugs, or workboots that'll never see a day of hard labor or ugly sweat suits and lap dances.... You're fucked up and you suck big time. You can kiss my ass up, down and sideways.
Paranormal groups, Help me understand something... why do you people go ghost hunting in a cemetery? That's almost as challenging as going fishing in an aquarium shop for christs sake. If you fail and come up empty handed you should take 2 weeks off then quit forever. Here's a challenge - Ghost hunting in abandoned corporate offices, maybe you'll catch some collusionary conversations or catch a CEO ripping off an old lady for her pocket change, at least that would be useful......
Hey all, peace love and teddy bears, I hate Dave Mathews and I don't care if I spelled his name wrong he's a smelly hippy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I love my lawn mower

I bought this off of Craigslist for $60.00. Repainted it, cleaned it up made some adjustments and now ...... it rocks hard......

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


let me begin this entry on my blog with, I am a republican.. maybe more of a fringe republican with more independent views than any.
The election of Barak Obama may be the true begining of potential world unity. Please I am not naive, but it is a true begining for all of us to relate to each other on a new level.
Though I am a rebublican, I voted for Barak Obama. As I stodd in the voting booth, I prayed, I never pray for anything, anyone who knows me would know I'm not into throwing my eggs all into one basket so to speak... but I, believe in Barak Obama, maybe America will will finally take that next step forward in growth, and I mean growth that we have not experienced just yet. Entrusting our leadership, identity and our future in hands that didn't practice segregation, violent wars and worse yet self agenda.
Maybe it's about all of us globally thinking as one, as we do in our hobbies, sports, community groups, brewfests, bar-b-que cook offs.... it;s all about one thing which I think is unity.

for what is is worth, Barak Obama is not "black, he's a medium brown, I'm a light olive with some pink, my wife is pink with hints or coral and she tans wondefully, some of my friends have pink and yellow in their skin, some of my best friends and brown and moca, they all have unique traits which makes them special and obviously unique. Barak Obama is not the forst Black president, he;s the first President to appeal to a modernization of global unity in his own unique way.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a new form of terrorism

Seems that the pool of shady executives in the billionaire or higher millionaire club is vast and deep. I;d have to guess that these theives could be the next high market value pawn in world terrorism, ie old fashioned hostage taking.
But the twist would be disgruntled American home owners or others left hung out to dry by the greedy disgustingly wealthy corporate execs who sold out their fellow countrymen and women all in the name of $$$$.
I'd also have to guess if these guys heads wre on the chopping block literally held for a ransom, their peers and families would rather part with them than their money, because money talks and bullshit walks..... so let the axe fly?
We all suffer when the super wealthy get wealthier and we, wade in our middle class lives as they shower us with more taxation, less security all while expecting us to give more and more and more as we get less and less.
Call it what you will, but we make our lives what they are to an extent. Wecan only build a life with whatever tools we have acess to, if those tools only carry you so far, you have to seek out new tools or make your own so to speak.
My shops bank account was with Sovereign Bank, who is currently in such bad shape they may disapear... disapear.... gone, unless bought out by another sleazy bank.... all in the name of greed and bullshit.
The Mortgage industry has had this coming for about 11 years now from what I have witnessed. As soon as we received notice of our new home value based on the re-assessment in Delaware County the blood drained from my head as I saw my home triple in value...... which I think sucks because it's falsely inflated, nothing more. So, when it came time to take advantage of the then super low (complete bullshit) interest fees for mortgages, It actually cost more money to live in my house..... because it was worth more money.... but to whom?
Nationally this is a problem, a huge problem, bigger than most people can fathom.
It's going to get uglier yet, how ugly remains to be seen.
Oh and I received a letter from Sarah Palin, because I am a registered republican though, I can not in any sensible notion vote for her or John Mcain, I nearly puked when he announced her as his running mate.... but I was already an Obama guy anyway, so the near puking was more out of shock. I was Romney and Huckabee guy from the begining anyway....
So Sarah Palin sends me one of those generated letters asking me for a few G's for her campain right, so I send her a letter back asking her for money back, stating that my party (republican) has let me down immensely and I wish to sell my vote out and withdrawl my affilliations from this point forward... let;s wait and see if she gets back to me... I doubt that she will.... haha..
I hate humanity right now, we are all selfish, greedy and self centered when will we learn this is not the way to continue on, just when?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

pat on the back

So, I received 2 compliments at work regarding the fastidiiousness of my paperwork/papertrail, which I feel is my weakpoint... in life.. I hate paperwork, but if you have to do it why not do it correctly and properly.
I don't like cutting corners in general, so it's not unlike me to take a bit longer to do something than someone else, that is until I get it down then it becomes faster for me. So the guy who handles all of our paperwork at work told one of my managers that I was the only one doing the paperwork properly in my department, great I can't be invisible anymore so I'll just say thanks and do my job cause that's what I am being paid to do after all.
I'm so sore this week it's scary, my ankles are literally almost bringing me to tears, my legs hurt, back hurts everything hurts... my hands are swollen it's freaking crazy.
so it rolls along I guess. I'm just a working stiff now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

training with the frat party

I have been invited to do a new job at work, sort of one of those lateral moves which brings in more hours or more money. So, I agree to do it. It's where the "cool kids" go to work at my new job. So, of course I have some issues after about 1 week into it which would be last week.... like this for instance.
1.) Everyone there is chummy with the popular manager who is more or less a loud affectionately abusive dildo with a gotee, but deep down he is a sweetheart of a guy, I like him. I just happen to be the oldest guy doing what I do at work and I work as hard or harder than people 1/2 my age. I'm cool with that, weird thing is no one knew I was as old as I am they thought I was more close to their age... so as the days go by, the raunchy stuff starts kicking up, people loosen up with me and all is going mediocre at best. I'm not into being in the cool crowd in the leas bit, I just want to learn my new job and do it well. Problem is, the person assigned to train me is a great worker but not a good trainer, and it sucks for me. He's a short tempered younger guy nice and all. But the way he is training me, it;s like dumping all of your new job duties on a trainee all at once, there is no stage training, no flow to it at all and it's a super critital job that I was invited to do. They have had 3 different people over there in 3 weeks that didn't work out, who were labeled as "douche bags" once they didn't work out... I already am a gi-hugeick douchbag extraordinaire so they'll have to come up with a new term for me when I ask to be moved back to where I was. They applied for the job, I was asked... huge difference. It's like denying a steak dinner from the cheerleading squad , their gonna take it personally. But my strengths are in training and time management but the guy training me has no clue as to how he should go about training me. And today, he got frustrated at me asking him a question. He said something innapropriate which I blew off, then foolowed it up with more garbage as he walked toward the cool kids, then My cork popped and I made sure everyone heard it pop, including our manager. So, starting tomorrow the manager will be training me, but I may want to move away from this group mainly because I don't believe that they have the best interest of evryone in mind. They work hard, frankly I don't remember when I have worked physically harder but it's more of an attitude thing I'm not into. I was happy doing what I was doing for the time and maybe should have stayed where I was for the time being.
I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'm not into clicks or being cool at all, of anything I avoid that stuff like the plague and do my own thing. I don't always believe the term "safety in numbers" especially when it comes down to a job like the one I have now.
So, getting up 2:00 am for work is fun and all, and I enjoy it, but I gotta opt out of this position I am in asap unless they change how I am being trained. If I opt out, I get to sleep in until 2:15am... sweet.

Monday, September 08, 2008

how to retire your bike shorts

Sometimes it's just time to throw in the Chamoise or in essense throw in the towel regarding a pair of bike shorts.
When they cease to assist you by offering releif from your mission of perrineum abuse all in the name of physical fitness or transportation or leisure. I have some shorts that'll never have the pleasure of being oh so close to me ever again.
Namely my biketopia louis garneau shorts. I didn;t like the chamoise when they arrived and I like it even less now. There was never any "POOF" with them in the first place and now, thers' even less if at all possible. After yesterdays impending near cataclysmic experiences I was off of my saddle every once in a while to stop the burning that ensued especially n the right side of the area between my thigh and groin north of my right testical.
So, in an all spirited bellow of resistance I
m shouting out a loud and clear, "FUCK THAT!" and will retire all black yellow and torquiose shorts and skinsuits from here onward.
I favor the voler stuff more anyway, it's alot nicer and has more poof, i like poof, i like comfort i like things that draw my attention except for my own undoing...
bye bye LG.

why I never leave my bike unattended

Cause dudes like this knucklehead roam our friendly streets...... but it is funny though.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

I just wanted to break in my shoes....... but...

it's 4:15 am on a Sunday morning and I already have 3 cups of coffee in me so, I pulled a pair of shoes out of the closet that I bought about 5 years ago,a pair I have never worn, Lake MX80... all black w/laces, w/with a velcro lace cover and fixing strap, size 43 wide, by industry standards... or so the industry says... which is sort of bullshit for my feet.
I tried to put them on this morning at 4:18 I couldn;t even get my right foot in the shoe, my instep is really high...o.k. let's try the left foot, it goes in but feels like a clown car stiffed with drunken clowns trying to fight for space... if you can imagine something as grotesque as that.
so, I pry it off and place them aside and youtube some shoe stretching videos so I know what to basically do... at about 8:00 I start digging in our bedroom closet for my cedar shoe things, whatever they're called, which look absolutely nothing like my feet so, after some genius level Euro-trash ingenuity, I magage to shred a paper grocery bag into strips which I folded to tape to my cedar shoe things, then I wrapped more tape onto it to recreat the actual shape of my foot.. or something that'll help me out....
So, I go into the kitchen with both shoes in hand and fill one of the sink bowls up with really hot water, enough water to drown a few clowns actually... so in the shoes go laces and all.... I soak them for about an hour, they are soaked and heavy... In take my newly shaped shoe things and literally cram them into the saturated shoes.. the slowly go in with no damage to the shoes which means they;re tough.. good....I let them sit for about another 3 hours then I get out my heat gun and gently warm them up focusing on the toe box where after watching the youtube videos will now and forever refer to as Global volume area.... sweet.. I need global fucking volume for my feet that's bitchiin'.....
Once they're dry enough fpr me to put on and cooled off from the heat gun I... put them on and laced them up ad they felt like they were custom made for me..... I amost fucking cried, no shit.... literally.. So, I decided to go for a ride.
It was now 11:45 I convinced Pam I needed a lift to the Mann then departed on a nice 3-ish hour cross ride with new shoes keeping my cellphone close by incase my right foot decided to cry Mutiny on me...
It never did, infact my feet have never felt less focused on in about 25 years.. but my neck was killing me, jesus H, wow after about 2 hours of cruising in a toddly gearwaiting for the axe to drop on my feet/day being passed by squeaky Huffy riders and crazy people on roller blades and some little awesome bastard on training wheels.. I decided to do some cross workout stuff. So I turned around somewhere in western Roxborough or Plymouth Meeting maybe, I headed toward the Art Museum on the Bike Path.. which I should not have done because it must have been Give a free pass to a douche bag day, or Let'e let the insane recreationalists out of sedintary cinfinement for a couple of hours to fill up the emergency rooms with people who can;t pay attentioin to what;s infront of them....
I avoided and I'm not exaggerating 4 near death experiences, one of them with someone in a car getting what looked like to me, a realy good blowjob.. I banged on his hood so fucking hard the Fellater picked her headso fast she almost knocked the lucky bastard by cracking him in the teeth with the back of her head.. he bit his lip so hard it was bleeding all over his car and white basketball shorts....
I, not so surprisingly stopped as he stopped and shouted "Wake up fuck head, not all of us are getting road head today!!"
Then I rode off after he put his hand up in a sorry gesture. That was good for some adrfenalin which got me back to the kelly drive sector of the bike path, also it aided me in bunnyhopping a skateboard which before I had to bunny hop it, I think it was being ridden by some kids dad, but the kid seemed to have swerved infront of his dad to avoid a rollerblader (smart kid actually) but unfirtunately clipped his pop in the process. The roller blader was trying to plead his case but thefather couldn;t hear him because his hands were around the rollerbladers throat... another good move, must be a smart family.
So, I bunnyhop a what loked like really nice long board from what I could see as I sailed over it, I hear ticking after I land.... I ignore it..more ticking, more ticking.. then some panting.... I seem to have picked up a dog, an ugly dog that has a fetish for running close to people on cyclocross bikes and he was looking at me and not where he was going.. so, I stop, ask him if he's lost.. he looks at me as if I'm some new breed of dumbass, then I ask him if he;s thirsty, y'know, based on the froth that had built up around his mouth and what was flung onto his forehead... he wags his tail.. hey a response, great I'm now a dog he drinks my entire and only water bittle which was tucked into my middle back pocket (no bottles on the cross.... bottle cages on a cross bike means you're a neophyte douche crosser... I'm no neophyte but I am a titanic douch) so I ask mr doggy where he lives, then say to myself, wow I'm talking to a fucking dog....nice... so I turn around and head back toward where ai had heard the ticking starting whhich was near falls bridge, I pass the ensuing and ending of a near beatdown by an old skater dad and a roller boogie douche bag, avoid the skate board and the dog takes a right turn and heads off.... I guess he just wanted a drink?... maybe he;s done this before knowing people on bikes who wear funny clothes always have water somewhere.... o.k. cool, that's an awesome dog... I decide on not negotiating the skater disco brawl and head toward the other side of the drives and onward toward my secret workout area at the art museum........I'm spinning along and begin to believe I have picked up some LSD somewhere along my ride, because here comes a fucking tandem recumbant right at me...... I narrowly avoid the double trouble senior tandem brigade and head onward... dunno how we almost became best friends being no one else was anywhere near us.... they came from the other side of the road to stay in the shade and I somehow got in their way.....o.k.
I arrive at my destination, stop, stretch, burp, refill my bottle and roll into my workout. I run up the grassy hill after a semi-smooth dismount with new cleats and new shoes.. o.k. cool.. it;s back on the bike and down the steep steps despite the horror ad verbal shock of onlookers and some dude from action news aiming a camera at me.. I boink-a-doink down the steps and back around to my run up.. well, jog... then walk up.. which after 45 minutes turned into nearly a walk then throw up section....I'm so stupid..... The action news guy kept his camera on me I think... Initially though someone was going to call the cops on me but decided that wasn;t going to happen because there were bigger assholes then me racing wagons down the back entrance driveway of the art museum.. the cops would be forced to nab those silly bastards first, besides I was working out..... so after a solid 45 minutes of near death physical exertions it was time to Call Pam and beg for a ride home, y'know 'cause I'm a total Lamo.. we agree to meet where she dropped me off which meant I had to cimb a short hill to get there, fuck I should have started whining or faked ouking over the phone... but decided against it being Pam would know I was bullshitting her for a ride...
So, it's back up east river drive toward sweet brair cut off and up the 1/4 mile hill.. shit that hurt, I am so lame I almost started serpentining to get up it I was blown to the core from doing the runup things I do I almost started crying for the second time today..... sweet....
Pam picked me up and handed me a hot sausage sandwich... She's awesome. Then she asks how my ride was, I Lied my ass of and told her it was o.k. but told her about the dog because he was a highlight for me today...
my feet feel great, so it's back down to the art museum for a night picnic with Pam. We're bring chicken some veggies and Bubbles and some smiles....